coffee & flowers.

☼ ☼ ☼

I miss my boyfriend a lot a lot.

Eight weeks is a damn long time.

But so worth it.

My heart is so happy.

I need to write a ton, but I just don’t feel like it.  Summarizing: blah blah blah summer boys heartbreak adventures best friends love etc etc.

Guys are all such a weird fucking breed.

Things are good and there are good people and my friends are great and the people who have been coming into my life are great, too.

I think I am just scared that you will come back around when I finally let go for good.

And that is the scariest thought.

I hate that you are no longer rotting in jail and free to roam wherever you so choose.

You are the only person I have ever sincerely hated and I cannot wait to see you lowered into the earth.

I’m fine for so long and then something just sparks the worst sadness in every part of my heart.

I want this nightmare to be over.

And things to be back to normal.


I really hate when people tell me I’m “hot.”  Please don’t.  I will yell at you.

Mannnn, my body hurts from a combination of soccer & moshing.  I just wanna do a workout & my muscles won’t let me today.


Number 9, you certainly did not disappoint.  I think you may honestly have been the greatest Brand New show I’ve seen.

How to Dress for a Brand New Concert:

  • not whore clothes.
  • solid shoes.

And that’s it! Congratulations- you are now ready to have your hair pulled & elbows thrown into your throat.